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leilei3915 reviewed Forcing the Caster's Hand (ShoMaki) on Jul 23, 2018 04:32 AM [Report This]

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Smith M reviewed Forcing the Caster's Hand (ShoMaki) on Mar 05, 2018 07:16 AM [Report This]

The part was truly hilarious when the guy was getting jealous of the poor little dog. I really enjoyed that part and maybe this is called true love that she can even bear a dog with her girlfriend. Nice story.

Aoi enma reviewed Forcing the Caster's Hand (ShoMaki) on Dec 20, 2011 03:28 PM [Report This]

I love your story abbout ShoXMaki :D
i love them since Tokujo Kabachi...they are so adorable in off screen,, and so look alike ^^
i really like how your story tell from Sho side :) and how they are become close is so cutee~~
Author's Response: this is very late but i'm glad you liked it... :)
ShoxMaki is always cute...
btw... new one-shot in the collection is ShoxMaki, if you're interested... :)

Blossom reviewed Something in Common (ShoxKyoko w/ JunxMao) on May 14, 2011 03:00 PM [Report This]

I liked it at first but then it became confusing when I read the 2nd chapter...
Kinda disappointing that it wasn't all Shomaki
Just pairing him up with two girls made the story very confusing ...
It was well written but I just didn't like it
Author's Response: oh, i'm sorry for disappointing you...
but there IS a reason why the story-type for this one is Collection of One-shots and not as a Novel or something like that...
meaning that the stories should NOT be taken as a continuation of the previous ones...
But as an independent story and on it's own...
pretty soon, it may not be just two girls...
if i manage to come up with story that puts him up against another girl, it would be included in this Collection...
what these stories only have in common is that Sho is the male lead.... AND nothing else...
but yeah, sorry for the disappointment...

maohartjun reviewed Something in Common (ShoxKyoko w/ JunxMao) on May 02, 2011 08:36 AM [Report This]

This chapter is soo funny guys jealous over a dog haha especially Sho's viewpoint of what Jun said to him...there things I can do to Mao that her dog can't haha that cracked me up!!!
Author's Response: Kyoko's VIP room ep inspired this...
and the fact that both women seemed to really like their pets...
and as for what jun said in the story?
he's got a point... LOL! :)
thanks... :)

SapphireBlueJiyuu reviewed Sho's Dilemma (ShoxKyoko) on Feb 13, 2011 11:33 AM [Report This]

This is one of my favorite things that you have ever written. It's fun, quirky, sweet, and totally believable. I love your style of writing and I really appreciate it that you actually do a whole mess of research for these fics in order to make them feel more authentic.
Author's Response: glad that you liked it... :) and glad that you have read my other works too... :)
and thanks so much for leaving a review... :)
it makes me feel happy... :)
if you have time, and of course, if you like, please read my other works too... :)

Lil Daisy reviewed Hide and Seek (Or Vice Versa) (ShoxKyoko) on Jan 26, 2011 01:24 PM [Report This]

lol persistant yet clueless aiba.
Author's Response: those are two of the very characteristics that makes Aiba lovable... :)
wow... you really are fast...
and i think i love you already... :)
thanks for the banner and poster... :)

GlynZaelin reviewed Forcing the Caster's Hand (ShoMaki) on Jan 25, 2011 08:28 PM [Report This]

Loved it! Sho deserves more series of his own I think and he and Maki are pretty cute. More please!
Author's Response: glad you do... :)
though to be honest, this wouldn't be a collection of entirely ShoxMaki stories...
it's a collection of Sho one-shots with different Japanese actresses... two at the moment...
i have an actual Sho series... it's entitled The Chase... check it out if you're interested... :)
It's ShoxMeisa though... :D...
thanks for the review... :)

Lil Daisy reviewed Forcing the Caster's Hand (ShoMaki) on Jan 25, 2011 01:31 AM [Report This]

Sho love! :D
Big hugs from me!
LOL ~ cranky Sho mama is so cute.
Author's Response: glad you liked it... :)
i've been thinking of cross posting some of my other stories in lj here... and well, it is Sho's birthday... :)
small request... and this might be getting old already...
but can i request for a banner for this? please.... it's all right if you can't though... if you're busy and stuff... :)
thanks for the review daisy... :)
btw... the next one-shot would be soon be up feat. a different female pair for Shoa... :)
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