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noiha reviewed Never Goodbye on Jan 26, 2011 02:20 PM [Report This]

awww xD but but i prefer donghae-yoona kekeke xD lol i'm kidding. i like taec-yoona~~~ what i don't really like is this couple plays too safe sometimes. especially that taec guy, he should be more possessive since there're tons of man want to date yoona. heck, i sounded really biased lol.
oh btw, is it official that taec's really going to military this year? aww, what can i do now without teukie, binnie, rain, and taec? x'(

oh, i'm rambling too much, huh? keke, i'm sorry. to the story, i love the way you tell your story. i'm hooked with your description and their dialogs are epic!! aww, it's kinda remind me of romcom k-drama. xD

keep writing!
Author's Response: Hi Noiha, No no no, Taec's not going into the military this year, at least not that I know of! He's only 23 years old, and to me, that's too young! I was just 'speculating' what their life would be like if he did have to tell Yoona goodbye! I love writing YoonHae, TaecYoon and now I'm even starting a ChangNa (Yoong and Changmin from TVXQ) fic! Heck, honestly I just love reading ALL fics with Yoona that are well written! LOL Thanks sweetie for taking the time to read my One Shot. I hope you're reading Chasing Deer Yoona and Catwalk for more Yoona moments!
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