thesilentreader47 reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 18, 2011 05:19 AM [Report This]

Your writing style reminds me of another author here. I like how you weave ideas and make plots engaging.

Author's Response: i'm glad you liked it! thank you!

btw... just curious... what is the penname of the other writer? :)

romantic swan reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 16, 2011 07:30 AM [Report This]

I guess this is a long wait. can't wait to see the progress between Pi and Maki though it seem tough for their case. Unless Maki pass on or she will never be with Pi. Anyway I am in dilemma whehter to choose Pi or toma.
Author's Response: sorry for making you wait for that long...

i had a lot of ongoings and life had taken its toll...
anyway, just a bit of a heads up... this story may be going to a different route from what you might expect... :)

mmizuki951101 reviewed Chapter 8 on Jul 04, 2011 10:59 AM [Report This]

i dun geddit... what does physics got to do with it?
Author's Response: oh... Physics has a lot to do with it... :)
particularly the well-known phrase: "No two objects can occupy the same thing at the same time..."
it'll be made clearer as the story progresses... :)
thanks mizuki!

Anna Clair reviewed Chapter 7 on Jun 20, 2011 01:56 PM [Report This]

LOL! Of course two is a roll! (He didn't ruin anything T.T He was just being his awesome sexy self).

Interesting note (or rather statistic). While yes its true Maki probably cares about Yamapi more and appreciated him more today she thought more of Toma at the end of the day. Well in the chapter wise there was more words dedicated to him which makes me sad and I can't explain why but I still feel like she really likes the fact he pays attention to her but can't bring herself to truly and fully give him all her attention. Am I making sense? Probably not I'm not really understanding what I'm saying here anyways..

BASICALLY I pity his character.

Cutest scene: Yamapi pouting at the blue elephant who is obviously a representation of Toma. The fact Maki clutched onto it after he blew her a kiss...that was kind of cute too.

LOL. Ryo. What a snarky little ghost man. I want more Ryo. I fall in love with secondary characters which is my issue.

OMG Btw. Did you see =D? Hana Kimi's new cast is out and they look pretty decent. It's bad.

When I first saw Miura Shohei I was all like -

ew wtf. this guy so doesn't look like nakatsu.

After thoroughly stalking his tumblr.....

*DROOL* T.T On the other hand. I don't actually like the Sano guy that much...maybe its my Shun influence but now I imagine that Shun has to be taller than everyone else in the show. And Shohei is taller than the Sano actor.

But yeah just my input =D (Maede Atsuko = way more convincing as a guy than Maki)


Off to read One Chance.
Author's Response: i feel your pain about Toma's character...
and i got what you meant...
and maybe, without taking anything from the future chapters, there is some truth to that...

that scene (with the elephant) came out as something of a whim, tbh...
i just thought it'd b cute and i'm glad you agree...

and Ryo...
dear old snarky Ryo will be appearing more on the story as it progresses...
and yeah, i fall in love with the secondary characters too
which causes quite a problem since i enjoy putting in a LOT of secondary characters.

and HanaKimi!
yeah, i saw the pic of the new cast...
and my first opinion was that the guy playing Sano seems really small... especially after Oguri Shun playing the role.
but i do think that that actor would have a better chance of at least coming close to the previous portrayor's achievement in the playing the role(since i've heard a lot of things about the drama and it's been said that while Shun did play Sano greatly, he didn't really shine in the role as compared to his other roles... e.g Rui)
i think the guy playing Nakatsu would have it a bit harder because really, Toma shone in that role!
as for Maede Atsuko, yeah, i think you're right... she does look the guy part more than Maki...
i'm not a fan though so...
just my two cents...

anyway, i'll try my best for that update to be soon! :D

Anna Clair reviewed Chapter 6 on Jun 20, 2011 01:46 PM [Report This]

I loved it! Of course I did! How could I not? This story in its essence is everything I've always wanted to read with Toma Pi and Maki.

But onto the actual chapter. I'm glad he's real and not a figment of her imagination only because that means that Pi is acting out the plan he was talking about before right? Did he make a deal with god or something? Because how is it possible that Maki can see him and sense him and have contact with him but no one else in the living world can?

To me more than her being an exception it feels like he compromised with god.

But enough about Pi. More about him with Maki. Their relationship is quite cute~! I like them together and I'm guessing their time together in this chapter is a small reflection of how they used to be ?

I like that she didn't question his presence much but rather just enjoyed it. That was a nice moment about the chapter..

Oh what else did I like that you should know....oh yeah! TOMA. But I always like his roles in your stories so nothing new in that ^.- HE DIDN'T SPOIL ANYTHING! WHAT ARE THE OTHER READERS TALKING ABOUT! No shit he would go looking for Maki who just followed Yamapi XD.

(Question: can they make out pi and maki? if they have contact with each other they can right??)

Just because I have fun finding songs that match up with this story listen to Hardest of Hearts - Florence and the Machine. The lyrics don't go with the story but the sound of it really seemed to flow well with it when I listened =D
Author's Response: hello!

the reason of Pi's ability to let Maki see him would be revealed in the next few chapters...
but let's just say that it's a bit simpler than him having a compromise with God...

yeah, the day at the park was a bit reminiscent of what kind of relationship Maki and Pi had in the past...

and about the making out question....
i seriously have NOT thought of that! at all! LOL

and thank you for saying that Toma didn't spoil anything.
it was kinda surprising really to read that since i thought it is the normal thing to do...
it's not like he would just let it go that the woman he came to the park with just suddenly disappears, right?

hmmmm, bout the song, haven't listened to it yet but i sure will... :)
(once i get back from work later... LOL)
thank you!!!

romantic swan reviewed Chapter 7 on Jun 15, 2011 09:18 AM [Report This]

Thanks for updating. Just wonder when Maki will be able to meet Yamapi again.
Author's Response: the meet again part huh?
hmmm... you might be surprised...
btw, thank you... :D

mmizuki951101 reviewed Chapter 7 on Jun 14, 2011 08:46 PM [Report This]

this is good... can't wait for more(:
Author's Response: thanks MIzuki! more coming along the way... :)

romantic swan reviewed Chapter 6 on May 27, 2011 10:52 PM [Report This]

Yeah totally agreed poor Toma spoilt the fun. anyway I like this update. Update soon.
Author's Response: thank you, glad you liked it! :)
like i told mizuki, in Toma's defense, he did not know that he was spoiling anything...
and that as i writer, since this is a love triangle, he's MEANT to spoil it! LOL! jk!
anyway, please do look forward to the rest of this story... :)

mmizuki951101 reviewed Chapter 6 on May 27, 2011 08:57 PM [Report This]

Gah!! Toma spoiled everything!!
Author's Response: well, in his defense, he did not know that he was spoiling something, right?
anyway... since this is a love triangle, sort of, Toma HAS to spoil it! LOL! jk!
anyway, please look forward to the progress of this story! :)

mmizuki951101 reviewed Chapter 5 on May 09, 2011 06:18 AM [Report This]

omg... Yamapiiiiiiii?!?!?!?!?
Author's Response: yes mizuki... Yamapi!
LOL... he finally appeared... :)
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