miki1302 reviewed True Happiness on Apr 08, 2011 07:55 AM [Report This]

Awsomeee!!! :) what a sweet story! I really love the part where Kiba stood for his true love! What a cute couple! :) sweet happy ever after story; LOVE IT! :D
Author's Response: Hi Miki =D Thank you so much for reading this story! It's totally one of my fluffier pieces and for a bit I was REALLY obsessed with weddings. I reallyyy liked Kiba and Izumi together but he never seemed like he was going to ever tell her he liked her like that in the show! And because it wasn't about them I was like KYAH! I wanna know more. So I kind of created my own more XD. Thank you for reviewing! You totally made my day =D

harmony2244 reviewed True Happiness on Apr 30, 2010 03:56 AM [Report This]

Author's Response: Awww thank you Harmony <3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it <33 Kiba and Izumi were so cute =P it was unavoidable this would come out of me.

biniBningPunkista reviewed True Happiness on Apr 30, 2010 03:15 AM [Report This]

i suppppeeeeeeeerrrr likey!!!!!!!!!
whaaaaa.... i loved watching mei-chan. i hope you make a one shot about rihito and mei as well. hahaha... though aoyama and rika's story is sooo sad, kiba and izumi's story did make up for it.

thank you for sharing this. nostalgia is hitting me from a certain drama. kekeke... >_
Author's Response: Shannnn =D <3 I'm glad you loved it. Mei-chan was soooo Hana Kimi-esque and I always wished there was a Toma-like character there but there wasn't so I settled for Kiba =D <3 I wanted to originally make one for Mei and Rihito but their story was the drama itself so I felt like there would be nothing more to say and I might just wreck it >.< Rika's story was sad wasn't it? I'm going to try and make up for that. I'm glad you enjoyed Kiba and Izumi's though <33 Nostalgia is always hitting me for dramas too >< even though I have so much homework to do.

Christine reviewed True Happiness on Apr 14, 2010 09:18 PM [Report This]

This was really...hot!
Kiba was one of my favourite butlers! He was so cute! Kind of reminds me of a guy friend of mine...but anyways
I so wished they got together in the drama!
Kiba is so cute and I loved the suspense you created! I thought Izumi was going to get married! O.O
Then when Aoyama got up...I thought that was hot! ;)
Rika and Aoyama, they always had that sexual spark between them.
I loved how you described the dresses too!
Vera Wang and Versace...nice choice ;)
Write more of these!!! hehe I missed your writing :)
You rock as always! :)
Author's Response: Was it? =D I'd written this ages ago when I'd just gotten into the drama and I couldn't keep my mind of Kiba and Izumi and Rika and Aoyama. Awww your friend is like Kiba? Damn I wish I had a Kiba in my life. I just have a lot of Aoyamas. I was wishing they got together too! I'm glad it was believable. I've been having a couple of Rika Aoyama ideas in my head for a while so if they ever come back out you'll see them here. Vera cause she's the goddess of wedding gowns and Versace just cause I love her evening gowns =D they're sooo pretty and silky. I'll try and oblige you <333 I missed writing too T.T <3 you're going to give me a really big head one day. You rock too =DD <3 I just added you to my favourite authors list. I can't believe I didn't discover this function till yesterday. I'm such a n00b. *glomp*
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