When You Lose The One You Love by cutekitty318
Story Notes:
This is my own work and idea. If there are any stories similar to this, then that is just coincidence. The character of the celebrities I have used do not in any shape or form represent the celebrity in real life. They are just mere fictional characters who have been shown as the celebrity.
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Author's Notes:
This is a experimental story. So sometimes it will be 1st person and sometimes third person. Excuse my bad spelling and grammar. I've also posted this fic on another website, but I will be posting from here onwards and the other site.

Well let's start with the introductions, Hi! I'm Hebe Tian, and I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world!. You know why? I'm dating one of Taiwan's most hottest guys, his name is Arron Yan. But the problem is he is a playboy. I know right? I'm stupid! I'm dating a playboy! But I honestly love him with all my heart and soul. I truly believe he will change for me, because I feel that he love's me. And I found out I'm pregnant!!! Isn't that exciting!!! Me and Arron are gonna have our own family! But I still haven't told him. I sighed softly taking a deep breath to clear my mind. I wonder how he is going to react?.

Then my phone started ringing.“Hello, Hebe! Can you meet me at the park at 4pm, by the tree. I wanna tell you something” Arron asked me too meet him at the park. This is my chance! I can tell him about the baby!

I quickly rushed to my desk and looked myself at the mirror. It should be okay right? I mean Arron does love me, right? Cause if he doesn't I don't know how I'm ever going to live without him but my side.

I quickly brushed my hair, put a hint of make up and run quickly downstairs to meet Arron at the park.

I walked out the door and walked to the park at a steady pace. I have to take care of myself since I'm carrying Arron's baby in my stomach right?

As I was entering the gates to the park I looked around to see where Arron was. Where the hell is he?! I walked further into the park and looked around for Arron. I turned my head and I saw a familiar figure standing there by a tree, hugging a female figure. “awww, how cute a couple if showing how they love each other.”. The familiar figure then kissed the female figure and they turned around. Wait a minute! That's Rainie and that figure is...is...i...s...Arro....rron.

Immediately, I turned back to where the park gates was and started running. How could Arron do this to me. I thought he loved me! But I guess I'm wrong, true love doesn't exist and it never will in my world, right? How I be so stupid loving him, he was a playboy for god's sake! How could I be stupid?

I crouched down on the floor and started crying. I cried my eyes out. He cheated on me again! I guess he wanted to talk to me, so that he could break up with me. But how could I have been so stupid? How?

I walked home slowly while letting the tears fall. What will happen to me and my baby?

It's time for me to move on. I should just get over this and move on. Since....since..I'm not loved. My parents are always at work, and I'm a only child. I have no one to support me, all my friends rejected me since I started dating Arron, because they were jealous. And my bestfriend is kissing my boyfriend.

Why am I so miserable? I have no family and friends! I guess I should just start a new life with my baby and forget all this.

Because I just lost the one I love...


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