Challenge: One-Shot Challenge #11: Mr. Not-So-Perfect Challenge

One-Shot Challenge #11: Mr. Not-So-Perfect Challenge issued by burningzoul

So you finally get the man of your dreams! But what if he turns out to be not as perfect as you imagined? The challenge is simple: write a one-shot where you're married (or engaged) to your favorite idol, but he just happens to have one flaw that you just really hate. Well, because they say that love conquers all, so you help him overcome the flaw and the two of you eventually live happily ever after.

Here are some rules to make it more fun:
1. The male lead must be one of your idols from any entertainment, while the female lead can be a fictional character or another idol.
2. The title must start with: "Honey, Please Don't ..."
3. The flaw can be big or trivial, but it must be something that you really hate.
4. In the end, the male lead must be willing to change because he loves you so much, though you can make some twist and turns before he complies to your pleas.
5. The story can be written from first-person point of view (I) or third person (he, she)
6. It must be a one-shot, of course, but you can have any genre and rating, with proper warning as necessary.
7. There's no deadline, you can submit anytime and as many stories as your inspiration allows.
8. The most important rule: HAVE FUN!

Categories: Mainland Chinese Entertainment, Korean Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment, Japanese Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment, Filipino Entertainment
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