V6: Nagano Hiroshi


Learning from the Yoda by lovesmatch – Rating: K – Chapters: 10 – Reviews: 33

She had always been the one being left behind...
Her brother thought she needed to learn about men to avoid getting hurt severely ever again...
He also thought he knew who'd be the perfect teacher...
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: Arashi: Matsumoto Jun, Hey! Say! JUMP: Takaki Yuya, Hey! Say! JUMP: Yamada Ryusoke, Inoue Mao, NEWS: Yamashita Tomohisa, Shida Mirai, V6: Nagano Hiroshi
Story Type: Multi-Chaptered – Genres: Romance – Warnings: None
Published: Dec 04, 2010 – Updated: Dec 20, 2010 – Word Count: 11813 words – Read Count: 13106 – Completed: Yes

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